Tour Hurghada-Luxor 1 day

Hurghada Luxor::You should visit Luxor if you make a vacation in Hurghada Egypt. The ones who are interested more or less in culture, simply must visit Luxor. The historical sites are still very well-preserved, so that one sees not only a few stones and has to add the missing parts in his mind. No, it is not really difficult to imagine how everything looked before thousands of years in the original. Imposing constructions at a time built when there was even no electricity.

If you book Hurghada Luxor with us, experience Luxor privately in a small group of 2-6 people!

No sales events take place, so that you have more time for the places of interest!

Hurghada Luxor 1 day tour:

Luxor is located only 4 driving hours from Hurghada. According to the group size you travel in a comfortable car or in a clean, air-conditioned microcoach. Chilled soft drinks are available to you all the journey Hurghada Luxor and back free of charge. At 5.00 o’clock you are fetched at your hotel in the area of Hurghada and you can make a break, whenever you would like to. About 9.00 o’clock you reach Luxor. Your perfectly English speaking tour guide already awaits you there. First of all you visit the famous Karnak Temple.
You visit with your tour guide this temple with nothing but aggregations in God’s presentations which originated in no less than two millenniums. Pester your tour guide with questions and remain as long as you like!

A lot of culture makes hungry and thus a tasty Egyptian lunch is the next point on the program.

After lunch your will contenue in your Hurghada Luxor tour and forward, you go with a motorboat across the rive Nile to the other side and then by microcoach to the “Valley of the kings” . As the dead person’s rest should be undisturbed, the old Egyptians tried to protect their graves against grave robbers. After the more than 500-year-old history of the pyramids a king had the idea to hide his grave in the mountains. Many followed him, nevertheless, unfortunately, it has helped nothing. The robbers found the graves.

After the sightseeing of the “Valley of the Kings” in your Hurghada Luxor tour you can visit the Hatshepsut temple and can get the explanation from your tour guide, why it is located exactly where it stands. You will be astonished, in which dimensions the people already thought at that time!
In the area of Luxor alabaster stone is diminished. If requested in your Hurghada Luxor trip you can visit with pleasure an alabaster factory and find out more about dismantling and processing of this stone.
The return journey to Hurghada is planned at about 18.00 o’clock, so that you are at 22.00 o’clock with miraculous impressions and a lot of new historical knowledge back at your hotel.

The benefits of your excursion Hurghada to Luxor in the overview:

– 1 day English speaking guide in Luxor who is there only for your small group
– Sightseeing of the following places of interest in Luxor:
– Karnak Temple
– Valley of the Kings
– Hatshepsut Temple
– Only if requested: Alabaster factory

The following ancilliary services in the Hurghada Luxor trip are included in the price:

*reliable transfer from and to the hotel in a small, comfortable microcoach (or comfortable car) with air condition*
*English speaking tour guide the whole the working day only for you*
*All entrance fees of above mentioned places of interest are included in your Hurghada Luxor tour*
*Lunch and cooled soft drinks the whole day in the coach*

Our travel tips for the tour Hurghada Luxor 1 day:

-organise an alarm call at the hotel
-hotel offer free lunchpackages, order yourselves one for the way
-do not forget your camera!
-carry loose, bright clothes and comfortable shoes; cover your shoulders and carry perhaps a hat, you are often in the sun

Prices for the Hurghada Luxor tour per Person:

1 person : $ 230
2-3 Persons: $ 170
4-6 Persons: $ 140
7-10 Persons: $ 100

You would like to book or still have questions for our Hurghada Luxor? Contact us any time by e-mail here.

With firm booking we ask for a deposit of 10% which you get in case you cancel the booking.

Prices are subject to change. Find our latest prices on our German homepage Hurghada Luxor

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