The city on the Nile

Cairo is a symphony of chaos, noise, dirt and ungovernable, so you have to describe the capital of Egypt.
But it is true and then again not at all. Those who take a trip to Cairo make a unique blend of contrasts ever observed. Occident and Orient mingle here and show the contrasts between modernity and tradition, rich and poor, of progress and old-fashioned. With its many bars and nightclubs it is very modern in the night-the same as islamic at day time with is more than 1000 mosques. In neighborhoods around the Khan el-Khalili bazaar live the simple people who earn their daily bread very hard, often with two jobs around the clock. People, who don´t know the words travel, leisure and luxury. On the other hand in the district of Zamalek or Maadi Egyptians and foreigners live a comfortable life according to Western levels.

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