Quad Safari Hurghada 5 hours with BBQ and deluxe tour

Quad Safari Hurghada: You will be picked up from your hotel and will be driven to the Quad meeting point in Hurghada Safari desert. One quad will be allocated to you and you can do some test driving a limited area. Quad Safari Hurghada is very easy, because the Quad have an automatic gear, so that you push the gas only and brake, well, to use the steer wheel is also very useful from time to time…

When everybody feels well on the Quad bike you go in direction to the desert. The Quad safari Hurghada is not located in Hurghada main city, but before the town of El Gouna, because the there is not so overcrowded with tourists yet.

Then you go about 1 hour through Hurghada desert  and make now and then a break to drink something and to enjoy the landscape with in our Tour Quads Safari Hurghada .

When you arrive with the Bedouins with the Quad, a typical Egyptian tea is served to you as a welcome. The Quad Safari Hurghada tour guide tells you everything about the life of the Bedouins and what you would like to know. Then he shows you also the village, the Bedouins bake for you their bread which you can try. Who like to can do some camel riding.

When the sun sets you go with the Quad bike on a small mountain with the Bedouins, so that you can enjoy the sunset from there.

Quad Safari Hurghada Magic.

The clear air and the silence look magic when the night comes.

Back in the Bedouin’s village you can make yourself comfortable in a tent on cushions. The buffet is already ready. Spoil yourself and enjoy grilled meat and different salads and additions in the atmosphere of the desert with candle light.

After everybody has eaten it is time to smoke a Shisha (water whistle) this we offer for free in our Quad Safari Hurghada, the Bedouins will show you their traditional dancing.

Then you go on the Quad bike back again to the starting point.. From there you are brought to your hotel and can enjoy the civilization while taking a shower!

Quad Safari Hurghada

The following items are included in the Quad Safari Hurghada tour:

– Journey on the Quad bike
– Tea, water whistle, camel horse riding
– open Barbecue-Buffet in our Hurghada desert safari
– soft drinks and water during the whole excursion

Quad Safari Hurghada Our travel tips for the tour across the desert by Quad for you:

– Wear firm shoes and cover the shoulders in our Quad Safari Hurghada, because you are long time in the sun
(You receive head cloths and facial cloths for a small charge)
– Wear old clothes which can be dirty and full of sand.

Price per person: 45 EUR
Two persons on one quad: 60 EUR

After booking the Quad Tours Hurghada tour with us, we kindly ask for a deposit payment of 16.00 EUR per person, which you get back in case you cancel the trip.
The departure time to start our top safari Hurghada from the hotel varies according to the solar state (in summer about 4 p.m., in winter approx. 2 p.m.)
You will be contacted one day before your trip through your mobile phone and will be informed about your pick up time.

If you would like to book this tour or just have some further questions, please contact us very easy through our contact form.

The Deluxe tour has a maximum of about 10 Quads and you go to a quiet place in the desert (please compare to others!). Unfortunately, we do not have any influence whether other groups are with the Bedouins or not.

Enjoy your trip!

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