Hurghada, Red Sea, Egypt

Hurghada is a tourist center on the Red Sea.
Many hotels offer for every taste and budget the right thing. The airport was expanded to the large number of passengers to be able to cope. Hurghada lies about 30km to the Red Sea. The town was once a former administrative center for oil production. Since the’80s, it was always expanded and is now offering 1 million tourists a year a nice vacation.
Given the history of the city, it has little to offer culturally. However, it is the endless beaches to relax and enjoy the underwater world. Snorkelling in Hurghada is very popular. Many hotels have a house. Unfortunately, these reefs with the times not so nice.
Excursion Red Sea Hurghada

It is recommended that you to visit reefs, which lie further outside. A trip from Hurghada to the boat next to reefs in the Red Sea is beautiful. As a rule, take these tours a day. Man drives off in the late morning at a reef. There you can go snorkeling, then there’s lunch on the boat and you can then a little snooze in the sun or even a fact-finding tour with the snorkel make.

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