Hurghada-Cairo 2 days trip

Hurghada Cairo The people who know Cairo say, one would have to find time at least 4 days to get to know this town cursorily.

Well, your beach vacation should not get too briefly, hence, you have with us the possibility to book shorter excursions to the African metropolis.
But still we must say that we recommend Hurghada Cairo an excursion of 2 days. Not for exploring the city two days only, but by this you experience the night in Cairo. At night the metropolis Cairo looks completely different. It shines in an infinite light, gleaming and glistening neon signs promote an Egyptian movie or western pleasure like Coca Cola. The town becomes simply candy-coloured.
Many big hotels are the centre of the high social life and invite in modern clubs to belly dancing shows with superstars. In noble bars and discos the children of the rich drink gin and cocktails and honour the MTV culture which finds its way thanks to TV satellite to them.
And if you look then at the Nile, you find it full from illuminated and brightly decorated holiday boats, which make their round turns. Couples stroll in the mild night air along the Nile promenade, children romp till late night on the streets and everything works like a gigantic fair.
The liveliness of the night seems to make the worries and the oppressive heat of the day forgotten.
Probably it is exactly the night which makes Cairo so charming!

Book with us Hurghada Cairo in a small tour group of 2-6 people!

Experience an excursion to Cairo privately with an English speaking tour guide who is there only for you!

Tour description Hurghada Cairo 2 days:

At 3.00 o’clock in the morning you are fetched at your hotel in and around Hurghada and go in an air-conditioned, clean microcoach to Cairo. The experienced driver drives you safely and pleasantly through the desert and you should sleep a little, because the day becomes long and at night you see anyhow nothing.
The drive from Hurghada to Cairo lasts with break about 6 hours.
At about 9.00 o’clock you are in Cairo. At the Egyptian Museum your tour guide already waits for you. He will accompany you all the time and show you “his” town. You visit the Egyptian museum with our Hurghada Cairo tour guide and he will answer to you all questions.
Then you will be hungry and thus there is at first a tasty Egyptian lunch. Then you visit the alabaster mosque which is known as the most beautiful mosque of the world.

Then it further continues to the biggest bazaar of the Arabian world for the Khan-El-Khalili-Bazar, here all social and religious layers meet and you still find real craft.
For the bazaar about 1 hour is included in the plan (longer time if requested), then you go to your hotel, depending on what you have booked, a 4*-hotel or 5*-hotel.
After the check in you have some time to rest and to make yourself smartly for the night in Cairo.
You have the evening in Cairo at free possession. Against a surcharge you can book the sound show and light show in the pyramids or enjoy a tasty buffet and a dance show on a holiday ship on the Nile.
The next morning you are fetched at 9.00 o’clock at the hotel and you go on direct way to the pyramids and the Sphynx. In approximately 3 hours you have enough time to watch the pyramids. Then you go onto direction of Sakkara, there is again a tasty lunch for you and afterwards you can visit the step pyramid of Sakkara.
About 16.00 o’clock it is a time to leave the city of Cairo and to set off in the direction of Hurghada. Possibly at 22.00 o’clock you are back at your hotel and can say that you have seen one of the 7 Wonders of the World.

Hurghada Cairo

Hurghada To Cairo

Have a lot of fun!

The benefits of your excursion Hurghada Cairo in the overview:

-2 days private English speaking tour guide in Cairo
– Sightseeing of the following places of interest in Cairo:
Egyptian museum (mummy hall against surcharge)
-Mohamed-Ali-Moschee (also known as alabaster mosque)
– Guided tour through the bazaar Khan-el-Khalili in our Hurghada Cairo tour
– Overnight stay ink. breakfast at 4*-hotel or 5*-hotel (upon request)
-the pyramids of Gizeh and the Sphinx
-the step pyramid of Sakkara
-2x typically Egyptian food by midday

The following ancilliary services are included in the price:

Transfer from and to the hotel in small comfortable Microbus including chilled soft drinks during the journey Hurghada Cairo
All entrance fees of above mentioned places of interest are included, additional entries of other places of interest in addition (for example, entry into a pyramid or the solar boat as well as the mummy hall in the Egyptian museum or the booking of the sound show and light show at the pyramids)

Our travel advices for the excursion from Hurghada to Cairo:

-take a breakfast package from the hotel with you
-carry loose, aerial clothes, nevertheless, not too freely (shoulders overcast, not
deep cutting) if you like to respect the mentality of the country
-wear firm and comfortable footwear
-do not forget your camera

Prices per person:
1 people 635 EUR
2-3 people 450 EUR
4-6 people 425 EUR
7-10 people 399 EUR

The prices include the overnight stay at a 4*-hotel. With overnight stay at a 5*-hotel we calculate 20 EUR of surcharge per person.
After booking we ask for a deposit of 10% which you -of course- get back in case of a cancellation.

Should you have further questions, or would like to book this trip, simply contact us anytime via our contactform

Prices are subject to change. Find our latest prices on our German homepage Hurghada Cairo excursion

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