Egypt Pyramid

See the famous Pyramid in Egypt

See the Egypt Pyramids and make a sightseeing trip in Egypt. The Pyramids in Egypt are world famous and once in a lifetime you have to see them. It is very interesting how the people in ancient Egypt built the Pyramids in Giza and you will be surprised how huge they are, when you stand in front of them. The stones from the Pyramids are tall as a man and you can make a photo standing on them.

Egypt Pyramid are close to Cairo

The worlds famous Pyramids are close to the city of Cairo. You drive along a street and suddenly you can see them between the houses tall in the sky. This is very impressing and you will be astonished how streets and houses can be so close to this wonder of the world.

Visit the Egypt Pyramid from inside

You may also want to go inside a Pyramid. When you don’t get scared in narrow places and you can walk in a way which is approx. 1,50m high, then it is no problem for you. You can go down in the Pyramids a way down to the place where the sacrophag was standing before. This was meant as a protection from thieves as the graves were also well established with gold and fine things to let the pharaons go rich to the other side of the world. In order to hide this rich graves the Pyramids were built and you cannot see the entrance, as the Egyptians put a big stone in the front and nobody knew where the entrance is.

The Egyptians Pyramid

When you are unsure of visiting Egypt Pyramid from inside, you should not go to the biggest Pyramid (Cheops) but you should go to the middle one (Chefren). This Pyramid is smaller and the way down is not too long. Anyway, you cannot see a lot. There are no paintings at the walls as in Luxor and the graves are in the Egyptian Museum in Cairo. Nevertheless it is a great feeling to visit such a unique place, the inside of a Pyramid in Egypt. It is a very special feeling and you will notice the special atmosphere of ancient Egyptians standing in this –for them- holy place.

Exciting trip to the Egypt Pyramids

Discover the Pyramids in Egypt your way with a private tour guide who is only with you and your family. No other tourists with you. You can stay there as long as you want and can see the famous Sphinx after visiting the Egypt Pyramids.

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