Climate in Egypt

Egypt has a dry climate. Overall, it rains in this country very little.
Only the northern coastal city of Alexandria and the Nile Delta, where the city of Cairo is located, are Mediterranean-influenced, and in the winter months (November-February), it rains from time to time. In the South of the city Cairo, it rains very rarely.
The winter temperatures in January is between 20-24 degrees Celsius, while at night it cools down strong (there are temperatures to 0 degrees Celsius possible).
In July it is the hottest time of the year.
Daytime temperatures of 31-41 degrees Celsius are possible. But beware!
The big heat is well to endure by the low humidity and not comparable to 40 degrees Celsius in central Europe! The weather in Hurghada on the Red Sea is generally the mid of mentioned above.
In summer the temperatures reach an average of 35 degrees Celsius, in the winter months (November to February) it will be at night not below 10 degrees Celsius.