Lunch at Burj Al Arab Restaurant tour

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Burj Al Arab tour

  • Burj Al Arab tours kind : Group Tours
  • Burj Al Arab tour runs : Mon, Wed & Sat
  • Pick-up Location : Dubai hotel
  • Return To : Dubai hotel
  • Duration: 4 hours

Discover Dubai lifestyle with: Lunch at Burj Al Arab tours!

If you are planning to visit Abu Dhabi or Dubai and get a glance at the popular Burj Al Arab Hotel, never miss the chance to have lunch in the popular hotel with Burj Al Arab Restaurant tours. Experience Arabian hospitality service at its finest as you visit the world renowned hotel within Dubai City. The unrivaled spectacle and splendor of the place is sure to be felt even with just spending it over a mouth watering lunch arranged at the hotel.

While taking your lunch at Burj Al Arab Restaurant, be able to appreciate and be amazed of the architectural wonder in Dubai that is very popular across the globe. This is sure to give you an unforgettable experience in the most recognizable landmark within UAE and the city Dubai or even Burj Al Arab Restaurant. It is sure to be one of the international landmarks that you should not miss especially when you are just staying in Dubai with Burj Al Arab tours.

The experience will start from picking up in the hotel while enjoying the luxurious Arabian services for hospitality. You will definitely cherish this lunch at Burj Al Arab Restaurant of your life as you will be treated within the hotel like royalties. Just like other visitors in Dubai who would set their lunch in Burj Al arab Restaurant, you will be provided with impeccable services while giving full attention to every detail of the service.

Burj Al Arab Restaurant tours

It is located adjacent to the world’s tallest atrium, Al Lwan (is the Restaurant at Burj Al Arab) is sure to be the best place where you can indulge yourself especially your taste buds not only with any international cuisine but also traditional Arabian ones. After your lunch at Burj elarab Restaurant, you will then be transferred back to the hotel where you are really staying.

Since you are going to experience luxury, the price for the activity are regularly offered at Burj Al Arab Restaurant tours whether a group is composed of 3 persons or a maximum of 10 persons. A dainty lunch is sure to be served to you at your convenience.

Why Opt for Dubai Tours or Burj Al Arab Restaurant tours?

The company had already been in the business for many years now and has built its reputation within the touring industry. You are assured that you are in the right hands when you choose to let the company assist you throughout your tour in Dubai.

Burj Al Arab Restaurant

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