1 day of private guide in Alexandria

Alexandria is a wonderful, mediterranean town at the Mediterranean Sea with the biggest harbour of Egypt. It has 4.5 million inhabitants and a historically significant past.

During the entire greek romanian time Alexandria was the capital of Egypt and was behind Rome on the second rank. The Kings and the Roman emperors had a big interest in Alexandria, so that it became the nicest town generally at the Mediterranean Sea.
The old library made the town an important cultural centre, it had stored about 700,000 manuscripts and papyrus scrolls. Many writers, philosophers and scientists visited Alexandria and the library and have learnt a lot.
Unfortunately, there is not much left from this fame. But Alexandria is still worth a trip. The Mediterranean atmosphere of this town is so different than the rest of Egypt and one has the feeling to dive in another world. If you come from Cairo, the contrast strikes you is even stronger, cultivated streets with central gardens, a less full townscape and at last the Corniche, the 16-km-long seafront along the sea, let you draw a deep breath in Alexandria.
From the Fort Qait Bay you have a miraculous view over the sea to the town. There stood once the famous lighthouse of Pharos, it was one of the Seven Wonders of the World, however, it was destroyed by several earthquakes. The catacombs with about 300 graves struck in the rock which indicates the fusion between Old-Egyptian and Greek-Roman art are also worth seeing.
The Montaza palace lies in the midst of a big, cultivated park. King Faruq spent there his last hours before he went to exile to Italy. And when you are already in Alexandria, visit the new library! The construction has lasted from 1995-2001 and has cost proudly 230 million dollars.

The benefits of your sightseeing in Alexandria:

-1 day private tour guide in Alexandria
-Entrance fee and sightseeing of the catacombs
-Entrance fee and sightseeing of Fort Qait Bey
-Entrance fee and sightseeing of the new library
-Entrance fee and sightseeing of the pillar of Pompeius

Prices for 1 day tour guide in Alexandria:

2 Persons: $ 160
3 Persons: $ 150
4 Persons: $ 140

The city guide in Alexandria can take your special wishes into account.
Children up to 6 years are for free. Children from 6 to 12 years pay half price only.
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